Friday Go Forward: Week 70


This week has been very sparse in terms of study and playing, but extremely heavy in regards to writing (if you didn’t notice with the Weekly Go Wednesday article). And though my time has been a bit more biased towards writing, I don’t think any of you are complaining. Haha.

It’s taken some time to break into my productivity system, but the cogs and wheels are starting to mesh together better now. I’m much more aware of where my time is going along with how I’m progressing as a whole in life now. Whole board thinking. See that?

I’m looking forward to when my entire system works effortlessly and I can really amp up my go training. No matter though. Slow and steady wins the race.

Training Regimen

  • Work on go for at least 10–15 minutes a day.


  • KGS –  1 game
  • DGS – 6 ongoing games
  • OGS –  7 ongoing games


Lessons Learned

  • It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes during your game because your opponent is just as likely to make mistakes if not bigger ones. So don’t be too hard on yourself during a game because you’ll only be making yourself more vulnerable than necessary.
  • MolokaiCowboy

    The ‘Lesson Learned’ here I think is huge, Ben. At least coming from the amateur chess world I can tell you that players ‘psyching themselves out’ is very, very common. It is one thing to play or evaluate by instinct (usually OK) and another thing to ride an emotional roller coaster during a game (always not OK).

    This is not really on topic (sorry) but perhaps Ben or someone knows: I saw a website some time back with Go ‘heatmaps.’ I thought it was an intriguing idea. But now I cannot find it. 🙁 Anyone?

    I hope your weekend is good, Ben.

    • Ben

      Glad to hear that my lesson learned is a relevant topic across the board! I know that I still have issues with it during games, but it was certainly a step forward to confront it and not let it bother me as much as it normally does.

      Hope you had a good weekend as well!

      PS. I would recommend you try posting on Life in 19×19 or the Reddit Baduk forum regarding heat maps. You might get a faster response that way!