Equipment Review: Yunzi Biconvex Stones Set


Yunzi Biconvex Stones Set

Overall Rating: 10 / 10 Ponnuki


  • This is a fantastic set that comes with quality stones and bowls.
  • The stones are durable so you can play them with as much force as you’d like without fear of easily damaging them (as you might with slate and shell stones).
  • Bowls are excellent quality and have a beautiful finish to them.

Product Details

  • 180 white and 181 black genuine Yunzi stones.
  • Large Size 33 double convex stones measure 9.2mm tall and 21mm wide (about 3/8″ x 3/4″)
  • Two Kitani style jujube wood Yunzi stone holders that measure 5″ W x 4″ H (12.7cm x 10cm)
  • Vinyl travel carrying case

Detailed Review*

When purchasing my first go set, this was by far the most anticipated piece of equipment. After all, the prospect of playing with real stones and making the aesthetic sound as you play each move was so exciting! However, I digress, here is what the package looked like when it came in. As with all other items I’ve received from Yellow Mountain Imports, everything was packaged and protected very well.

Top layer of styrofoam (not in picture)
Top layer of styrofoam (not in picture)

When you open the bag, here’s what you see.



For those who are have never purchased yunzi before, they do not come all fresh and shiny when you receive them. The stones come with a white powder coat in order to protect from damage during shipment.

Yunzi Stones Before Cleaning
Yunzi Stones After Cleaning
Yunzi Stones After Cleaning

Although it requires a bit of elbow grease and time to get them shined up and ready to go, I personally found the process very enjoyable and rewarding. It’s hard to say what it is exactly, but there’s just something about personally taking care of your stones that makes your stones that much more enjoyable to use. For those who are curious as to what the process is for cleaning yunzi stones, visit my guide for more information.

Size & Weight: The stones have a solid weight to them that gives a great feeling when picking each one up and placing it on the board. They fit very well on the Shin-Kaya Board that I purchased, but keep in mind that each  board is unique in what their max stone size is.

Durability: I have not found durability to be an issue. Granted, I have not tried taking a sledgehammer to them, but I think it could survive anything short of that.

Usability: This set is a fantastic all in one package. Great for leaving at home or bringing with you to the local coffee shop.

If you’re in the market for biconvex stones, this is the set for you.** The bag carries the stones pretty well. The bowls are freaking awesome. And I love the feel of real stones in my hands. Though the price may seem a little high, you are buying a quality set that has so much value and will last a long time.

*Since most people are probably more interested in the stones, I have separated out the bowls and bag review to prevent the review from being overcluttered. You can find the reviews at the following links: Kitani Jujube Bowls & Go Stones and Bowls Carrying Bag.

**In case you are looking for single convex yunzi stone sets, those are available as well and can be found below in the Similar Products section.

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Last Updated March 31st, 2013

  • Nate Eagle

    I have the single-convex set and love it; I bought my brother this double-convex set and experienced some significant jealousy when I played a few games with him using those stones this January. In my (albeit somewhat limited) experience, yunzi stones can only be beat in terms of beauty and tactile pleasure by actual slate and actual shell.

    • Ben

      I agree with you on that. I’ve heard that stones made of other material (e.g., marble) are quite beautiful as well, but I feel like I’d be so afraid of breaking them. Haha.

      • Chad Sobodash

        I have a set of marble stones, and honestly I’m never worried about breaking them. I will say that I don’t like how heavy they are and the “thud” they make when hitting the board (instead of a “click”). For how much they typically go for, I’d say it’d be better to just get a set of yunzi for another $10. I’m actually selling them so that I can afford a yunzi set.

        • Ben

          Fascinating! I didn’t realize that the marble material would make such a different sound from the yunzi and slate & shell stones that I own.

          If you don’t mind me asking, where’d you get your marble set from?

          • Chad Sobodash

            I bought them in a gaming shop in Beijing something like six years ago. You can find them on ebay here:

            I’m offering my set for the same price as these, including shipping, and throwing in my jujube bowls for free.

          • Ben

            I will be sure to pass on the word to anyone I know looking for a marble set! I would totally take you up on it if I didn’t already own 5 sets of stones already (and I barely use them). Haha.

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