Monday Go Meditation: Game 59



With this week, we continue on with Game #3 of Maaike’s April Challenge! In this game, I am playing a friend who is known for crazy plays and lots of trick plays. So whenever we play a game, I never know what to really expect. Haha. And since my challenge was to play calmly, I thought that my friend would be a great person to test out myself.


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One Point Lesson

When your group is weak, check to see if your opponent has any weak groups that you can counter attack instead of simply trying to run or make life.

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  • At move 56, I’d choose Q11 to erase black’s potential in the center. Black’s real solid territory was on the left side, while white has at least 3 at the time.
    The cutting plan seems to be too risky 😉

    • Great point. Q11 is a move that did not occur to me, but now that you’ve pointed it out, I can see the power of it if I were to play it. I’ll have to try and spot that during my games when I’m actually playing next time! Haha. Thanks for your guidance!

  • Another very instructive move-by-move game! Kudos for taking time to do these. I think I am learning more from you than from Takagawa. 🙂

    • I am grateful to hear that these game reviews are actually valuable and instructive. Thanks so much for your support! I will continue working hard to make sure they meet your expectations and more!

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