Monday Go Meditation: Game 58



With this week, we continue on with Game #2 of Maaike’s April Challenge! Even though the game ended up culminating into a rather large capturing race, I felt that my decisions leading up to it were calm as a whole. Instead of trying to turn it into a capturing race from the beginning, there were a number of times when I would offer the possibility of a peaceful resolution. So in that regard, I believe that I was successful in playing a calm game. Hopefully you’ll think so too!


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One Point Lesson

When all hopes seems lost, one must consider all moves before giving up, even the empty triangle.

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  • Nice review, however, you keep talking about the center like it hold potential profit. I believe it was way too open by move 92, and black would have no trouble complicating it and denying your points, just as he did. The weak point at the end is a shame, big mistake.
    Keep on posting.

    • You are absolutely right. As I look back on it now, the center had very little potential (especially with the O13 stone sticking out like a sore thumb). I will have to be more cautious of my analysis in the future.
      Thanks for your feedback and support!

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