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Thursday Go Tygem: Game 07


Introduction After my third game in Yunguseng Dojang, I became a lot more comfortable playing White. Maybe it’s because I’ve started to really appreciate having komi. Either way, I’m glad to have broken away from my fear of playing White. This game was the first one I played after being dispelled of that anxiety of playing White. And believe it or not, it was actually a rather...

Thursday Go Tygem: Game 06


Introduction This opponent was a unique one since he thought longer than I did and took his time. He actually ended up in byoyomi early on in the game and used most of his byoyomi time which is really weird for Tygem since most players I’ve encountered play pretty quickly and I’m the one usually running out of time. Overall though, I felt that I was in control for most of the game...

Thursday Go Tygem: Game 05


Introduction Before this game, I had been getting white in most of my even games and had trouble playing properly. Games were often very rushed and I could hardly play a good game as White. However, after listening to Inseong talk about his views on playing White, I gave it a lot of thought and tried to get in a similar mindset. This game is the first game that I felt successful when playing...

Thursday Go Tygem: Game 04


Introduction I recently had a conversation regarding the importance of ladders. And while the topic of ladders will probably cause many people to roll their eyes at the topic time and time again, it’s simply one of those things that you keep having a deeper and deeper respect for as you dive into the abyss of go. Today’s game is short, but it illustrates the severity of not being able...

Thursday Go Tygem: Game 03


Introduction Before playing this game, I had been studying one of Seo Bong Soo’s games from Master Play: The Fighting Styles of Kato Masao and Seo Bong Soo. And as I was replaying his game against Otake Hideo, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not I had been wrong about my style of go this entire time. After all, I always thought I had a fighting style; but perhaps that is not...

Thursday Go Tygem: Game 02


Introduction And we’re back for the second week of Thursday Go Tygem! Unfortunately since the last game, I was demoted to 2d. No matter though! The opponents are still dans, so we march onwards! This game I take White against a 2d. The opening starts out with a terrible exchange on my part, and then a crazy fight for supremacy in the middle game breaks out after he makes a mistake in trying...

Thursday Go Tygem: Game 01


Introduction Welcome to my new Thursday Go Tygem series! This series is inspired by fellow go blogger Eyecatcher’s WBaduk Challenge series where he posts the games from WBaduk to keep himself disciplined and force himself to review his games from there as well. As you might have guessed from the title of this series, the games featured on here will solely be from Tygem. I’m sure some...