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My Experience with YSD – S9 – Part 1


Part I – Part II – Part III Overview Prelude: Out of respect to Sabum-nim (i.e., In-seong), the lessons learned are kept to a minimum since it is paid content and I do not want to infringe on that in any way, shape, or form. The game reviews also only contain highlights of concise highlights instead of my normal detailed reviews since I would inadvertently write about what Sabum-nim...

Review: BadukTV by GoGameGuru


I’m happy to announce that I have finally gotten the opportunity to sign up for GoGameGuru’s (GGG) BadukTV English service! Needless to say, I am thrilled with it! I’ve only made it through two lessons in their “Becoming a 5 Kyu” video series and I am loving it! Not only am I learning a lot, but it’s really incredible to be able to watch material that is not...

Website Review: Go Teaching Ladder


Rating: 4 /5 Ponnuki Synopsis: A fantastic resource for game reviews when you don’t have time for real-time reviews. It’s FREE!!!! The reviews are not instantaneous, but what you’d expect from a volunteer based service? Detailed Review: GoTeachingLadder is a fantastic resource for players want to have their games reviewed. As it is a completely volunteer based service, one...

New Incredible Go Resource: BadukMovies!!!


Hey everyone. I just discovered a brand new go resource that got me so excited I had to post about it instantly!
It’s called BadukMovies and is made by Peter Brouwer 6D and Kim Ouweleen 4D and looks like a magnificent wealth of information. I will put up a detailed review for the site in the future, but at the bare minimum I wanted to let you guys know about this site first!

Website Review: Tel's Go Notes


Review: Tel’s Go Notes is an excellent website that serves as an amazing companion to the interactive Go tutorials that exist out there on the web.  It’s purpose is to provide a one stop solution to clarify a lot of mental misconceptions.  A very simple example of this is: What is the object of the game?  Many of you will scoff at this question and say “Territory…...

Website Review: Empty Triangle


Screenshot of Empty Triangle‘s Home Page Review: Please turn your attention to one of the most awesome Go related artwork that exists out there.  As you peruse through E3A, you’ll find the characters humorous and absolutely relatable as you progress in Go.  The layout is simple and unique with the artistic nature of chidori.  Nothing much more needs to be said, so go check it out...

Website Review: Sensei's Library


Review: Sensei’s Library is Go’s wiki database.  It encompasses pretty much any Go information that you could possibly want.  It has a lot of great tips and is great for players of all levels and types.  Since it’s a collaborative website, the clarity of the information is not always as consistent.  This is not a huge problem though, since most of the articles I’ve perused...

Website Review: The Interactive Way to Go


Rating: 5 / 5 Ponnuki Synopsis: Presents information in a simple and easy to understand method for brand new players. Utilizes interactive diagrams to help reinforce what you’re learning. Available in 30+ languages. It’s FREE!!!! The best online tutorial available online for players! Detailed Review: Prior to discovering The Interactive Way to Go by Hiroki Mori, I had attempted to...