Company Review: W.J. Bookstore


So as I’ve been working on the guides for purchasing Go equipment, I realized that one of the killer aspects of buying online is the shipping cost.  It makes it near impossible for me to write the guides since some of the products which deliver some of the best quality are within the (let’s say) $50 range but shipping makes it like $60-$70.  So one of the things I thought of was to...

Company Review: Yunnan Arts


Review Yunnan Arts is a local (Virginia) business, owned by Mike and Wen, who sells Go equipment to the public. I had the pleasure of meeting with them last week and experiencing their products while playing some awesome Go with Mike. To start, here’s a brief overlay of the equipment I got to see and experience personally. (Note: The Go Congress has recently passed so a lot of their wares...

Company Review: Yutopian


Review: So for those who are looking at Yutopian too… yeah I detest the layout too.  It’s just I know that there have got to be an amateur web designer who could easily redesign this.  (Just another thing on my list if I ever get to be a prominent figure in Go)  And not to mention the ordering method is almost just as sketchy as Kiseido.  Fortunately for all of us though, it’s...

Company Review: Yellow Mountain Imports


Review: Yellow Mountain Imports has the most well designed website that I’ve seen to date.  It’s images do not take too long to load and show the absolute aesthetics of each of the games they sell.  Everything is designed so well that it doesn’t take a computer whiz to navigate. One of the great aspects about YMImports is the fact that they have “Game FAQs.”...

Company Review: Slate and Shell


Review: Slate and Shell is one of the most well known publishers and distributors of Go books in English.  Naturally, it was only a matter of time before I arrived at their home page.   Their Go books contain a nice variety that cover most of the major topics you’d hope to see at a site that exclusively sells Go books.  As one of Kiseido’s competitors, they pretty much have everything...

Company Review: Kiseido


If you order straight from the publisher Kiseido, you’ll find that the price for a lot of books (that aren’t available on Amazon) are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper for a BRAND NEW copy.  For all those who are skeptical about ordering from Kiseido, I went ahead and ordered the first two volumes to test it out.  Here are my observations: The ordering and payment process does seem kind of...