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Weekly Game Reviews (Monday)

Monday Go Meditation: Game 76


Introduction To be honest, I didn’t expect to release a Monday Go Meditation so quickly; but it seems that the universe had something else in mind. I happened to run across a tweet from @TheGoMovie regarding the Go World Championship final between Park Jeong-Hwan (9p) and Iyama Yuta (9p) that I couldn’t resist clicking on. Next thing I know, I’m watching the game and deciding I...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 72


What you have before you is not a game of miraculous play or some game I’m particularly proud of. Instead, this is evidence of someone who has simply taken the first steps to playing once again. One Point Lesson As far as lessons learned, it is this: No matter how much weaker your opponent might be, there is always an opportunity to learn from each of your moves. Just because you dominated...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 64


Introduction Contrary to what I said last week, this week’s Monday Go Meditation features my Yunguseng Dojang game from last week. The reason for this is two-fold: (1) I didn’t play any other games over the past two weeks and (2) I’m still trying to keep MGM as current as possible. As I mentioned before, I was feeling rather iffy before this game. My opponent was around 4–5k in strenghth, and...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 63


Introduction For this week, I’ve decided to honor a request made by my friend Rob who asked that I review the game that was the cause for my post on being confused. Though I haven’t been commenting on games from YSD, I’ve decided to make an exception for this one. Just to note though, any specific insight that was taught by Inseong is withheld from the commentary in order to respect other...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 62


Introduction About a week ago, there was a bit of discussion about the importance of endgame. Now while I would never even begin to propose that endgame is not important or can’t make a huge difference, I was saying how I didn’t think studying it would serve kyu players as much as say dan players. Ironically, the game featured this week was played shortly after the discussion and...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 61


Introduction This week marks the reboot of the Monday Go Meditation (MGM) series! In the spirit of continuous improvement, I felt it was time to give this series an upgrade in order to continue striving for the perfect weekly column for my game reviews. Here are some enhancements that I have made: All MGM’s will now include the game summary table. After doing the Thursday Go Tygem series...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 60


Introduction With this week, we continue on with Game #4 of Maaike’s April Challenge, which also happens to be the first round of the 1st Washington Open Baduk Championship that I participated in a month or so ago. Though it ended up being a completely crazy roller coaster of a match, it is an excellent example of how volatile games can be in tournaments. Because of the pressure of...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 59


Introduction With this week, we continue on with Game #3 of Maaike’s April Challenge! In this game, I am playing a friend who is known for crazy plays and lots of trick plays. So whenever we play a game, I never know what to really expect. Haha. And since my challenge was to play calmly, I thought that my friend would be a great person to test out myself. [download label=”Download...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 58


Introduction With this week, we continue on with Game #2 of Maaike’s April Challenge! Even though the game ended up culminating into a rather large capturing race, I felt that my decisions leading up to it were calm as a whole. Instead of trying to turn it into a capturing race from the beginning, there were a number of times when I would offer the possibility of a peaceful resolution. So...