Monday Go Meditation: Game 76


Introduction To be honest, I didn’t expect to release a Monday Go Meditation so quickly; but it seems that the universe had something else in mind. I happened to run across a tweet from @TheGoMovie regarding the Go World Championship final between Park Jeong-Hwan (9p) and Iyama Yuta (9p) that I couldn’t resist clicking on. Next thing I know, I’m watching the game and deciding I...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 72


What you have before you is not a game of miraculous play or some game I’m particularly proud of. Instead, this is evidence of someone who has simply taken the first steps to playing once again. One Point Lesson As far as lessons learned, it is this: No matter how much weaker your opponent might be, there is always an opportunity to learn from each of your moves. Just because you dominated...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 71


For this week’s meditation, we are going to start off nice and easy with a 9×9 game I played on GoQuest a week or so ago. It’s not too crazy in regards to fighting, but is a great example of how powerful influence can be on such a small board. Hope that you enjoy the game and the commentary!

Hello Again with GoKibitz


Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and well. Been getting into some really interesting projects these past few weeks and have been really pondering what I can do with blogging again since I miss doing it. And as someone who hates it when a regular blogger just drops out of the blogosphere, you can rest assured that I won’t ever just leave the blog hanging in the...

Stirring the Embers Once Again…


As many of you are aware, the legendary Go Seigen passed away on November 30th. I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to properly honor him, but it is still eluding me. To help the process out, I decided that it would be a good start working through my collection of his games again. As I played through his game (above), I started to feel the embers begin to catch flame again. I also had the...

Journal Entry: #11


Over the last few days, part of my subconscious was nagging me for spending so much time not playing a single game. And while I did play at least one 9×9 game a day, it has been ages since I last played a full 19×19 game in real time. And for those who want to count the one at the Pumpkin Classic, that doesn’t really count since I wasn’t planning to play. So in another sense, I have...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 70


Introduction For this week’s go meditation, I am featuring my game from the Pumpkin Classic that I had the pleasure of visiting for a round. This game was an interesting challenge for me since it had been a while since I had played a game in person, let alone play a handicap game. As this is a handicap game where I play White, I hope that my thoughts throughout the game will help you...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 69


Introduction In today’s go meditation, I am glad to welcome back fellow friend and go player Bonscott. For those who don’t remember, I’ve played a number of even games against Bonscott (even though there is a few stones difference between our ranks) and actually lost quite a few of them before. So when he challenged me to a game recently, I made sure to not underestimate him! In...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 68


Introduction For this week’s meditation, we are going to be reviewing my first professional simul game from Go Congress! Through this game, you’ll get to witness the enduring strength of professionals in simul games. Even though the game looks overwhelmingly in Black’s advantage for a good portion of the game, it is in the middle game where their precise analysis becomes extremely evident. In...

Monday Go Meditation: Game 67


Introduction For this week’s meditation, we are turning back the clock to my first game at the U.S. Go Congress! For those who need a refresher, this game was from the day I arrived in New York and was asked to play a match while we were waiting for people to arrive. It’s a fun game that shows just how you can find the opportunity to reverse a game if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and...